EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS · 12 September 2022

Declare-Decay VR Exhibition

Declare/Decay VR Exhibition

Decomposition is a part of the natural ecosystem. It’s an essential process that involves time, death, decay, and breaking down. What does decomposition mean in a digitalized environment or cyberspace where there’s no physicality, passing time, or any organic substances?
“Declare / Decay” explores the differences and crossovers between what we understand as decomposition and its properties and meanings in the post-digital era. The virtual exhibition also questions what we as human beings can still consider as organic, physical, or natural.
The exhibition space can be experienced in VR, desktop, and on some mobile as well! The exhibition has 5 different chapters and it is meant to be a journey that will bring you different perspectives on the theme.

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Exhibited Artists(in alphabetical order)
Adrian Newton [UK]
Akari Komura [Japan]
Alexander Johannes Heil [Germany]
Alina Tofan [Romania]
Arshan Najafi [Iran]
Bárbara Serafim [Brazil]
Bill Hill [USA]
Cecilia Martinez [USA]
Distractor [India]
Enzo Cillo [Italy]
Ewelina Trejta [Poland]
Felipe de Ávila Franco [Brazil/Finland]
Henry Haoyu Wang [China]
Hugo Lioret [France]
Irena Paskali [Germany]
Isabela Couto [Brazil]
Jean-Michel Rolland [France]
Lauren Rodriguez [France]
Luis Rojas & Leandro Mantiñán [Argentina]
Lilia Li-Mi-Yan & Katherina Sadovsky [Russia]
Matilda Friman [Sweden]
Mauricio Sanhueza [Peru]
Nava Hemyari [Austria/Iran]
Neil Spencer Bruce [UK]
Rotkäppchen Duo [UA/AU]
Shaun Robert [UK]
Susanne Layla Petersen [Denmark]
Sylvain Souklaye [France]
Tobias Fifield [USA]
TRoneitor [Argentina]
Ubu Kung
Yoyogi Koen [Hong Kong]

ART Direction, Technical Development
XOR Space