XOR is an artist-driven hybrid collective space, dedicated to transcultural and interdisciplinary thinking, ideation, and collaboration to develop and promote radical and reforming dialogues through artistic experimentation.
XOR is an artistic platform for connecting artists and conducting artistic research projects, happenings, meetings, and events to rethink contemporary art in the post-digital era.
XOR is a laboratory with a focus on experimental approaches toward sound, art, design, and technology.
XOR is a Boolean logic operation that compares two input bits and generates one output bit. If the bits are the same, the result is 0. If the bits are different, the result is 1.
XOR is a manifestation of nonduality. To be accepted by this operation means being the total opposite of the other input while the output is singular trueness and unity.
XOR oscillates between the barriers of intellectual dualities, between virtual and actual, digital and physical, human and non-human, culture and nature, mechanic and organic, subject and object.

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